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I live in Texas.  Lost power for 9 hours day before yesterday.  It gets cold in the house real fast without heat.  My neighbor has an above ground pool that completely froze.  Do not know how you folks that deal with that every year can cope.  I'm ready for the Texas heat.
That $4.70 gas price, get ready for that to be the norm now that biden  put a stop to the pipeline, fracking and no more drilling on public land.  We will go back to being dependent on opec and they will make up for what they lost the last 4 years.  This is not intended to be a political statement just my gut feeling. 

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This is an eye opening post Steve.  Prayers go out to those in Texas and the South who are facing the latest weather-related crisis - on top on the pandemic.
Not being a farmer, I'm shocked by the impact the combination of environmental, geologic and other events are having - especially on our food supply.  I read an article recently on the Asian murder hornets that are showing up in the Northwest. They will invade a honeybee hive and destroy thousands of the helpless bees.  These are frightening times.

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