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Very funny posting of the panels and windmill blades - and some truth there too. However, we know that the rest of the USA, as well as northern Europe have a large number of windmills and solar panels, are building more, & neither one has any problem with winter weather. The winter panel and propellor problem was obvious from the start and solved decades ago. Notice that we haven't heard of similar failures with similar grids from the Oklahoma thru Nebraska. 

It looks to me like the problem Texas is having is mostly due to a simple lack of foresight.....maybe in combination with original construction putting initial cost over reliability. Any farmer will tell you that combining lack of foresight with cheap construction is the path to well as big future expenses.

For that matter, I grew up "on the land" and still live there although no longer am involved with farming. But I don't know of anyone living rurally who doesn't keep a generator ready to be started at all times. Around here we lose power more commonly from wind than winter.

To my mind the real tragedy is the city folk facing this outage for the first (not last) time. But I'm betting they will figure it out. People usually do.

As for fuel costing more, the base price/barrel is surprisingly similar across the USA. Taxes and fees make the difference - on average about 55% of the cost here locally, although some areas are higher. That's low-hanging political fruit to be plucked, but rabidly protected. 


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From what I’ve heard the problem is the electric plants & windmills didn’t have cold weather protection which caused them to go down. Now money will have to be spent for the cold weather upgrades.


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I went to the store one day,I xan't remember which, and the shelves looked like Russian grocery shelves.  I  went for salt for my water softener but was so  disgusted I just left.  I went to another store and there was a line so I went home.  Luckily we always keep a good supply of food on hand, and even if that dwindles down I can hunt.  We have an enormous amount of hogs in Tx......ummm bacon.

They are saying our electric bills will most likely go up, because they failed us we get to pay the price, I don't understand the logic.

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I sympathize with you. I have livestock & we had -20 last week .I had Fuel jell in my F60d while feeding the cattle hay & waters froze, but we can deal with it. It just takes longer to do chores & I’m exhausted by the end of the day. I heard the Texas Secretary of Agriculture being interviewed this week. Farmers can’t get feed for their cattle, milk is being dumped , meat can’t get processed & the stores are running out of food. The price to the farmer is dropping & the price in the store is going up. This is worse than the Covid supply chain problems. Price of gas here in northern Illinois has gone up $.60. With all the government spending, the dollar will become weaker & buy less.


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I live in Texas.  Lost power for 9 hours day before yesterday.  It gets cold in the house real fast without heat.  My neighbor has an above ground pool that completely froze.  Do not know how you folks that deal with that every year can cope.  I'm ready for the Texas heat.

That $4.70 gas price, get ready for that to be the norm now that biden  put a stop to the pipeline, fracking and no more drilling on public land.  We will go back to being dependent on opec and they will make up for what they lost the last 4 years.  This is not intended to be a political statement just my gut feeling. 

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This is an eye opening post Steve.  Prayers go out to those in Texas and the South who are facing the latest weather-related crisis - on top on the pandemic.
Not being a farmer, I'm shocked by the impact the combination of environmental, geologic and other events are having - especially on our food supply.  I read an article recently on the Asian murder hornets that are showing up in the Northwest. They will invade a honeybee hive and destroy thousands of the helpless bees.  These are frightening times.

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