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r. burgen

Gasp! I’m shocked. Corporate greed? In Texas, the state that brought you Enron? 
Until voters insist that essential services be operated (and regulated) in the public interest, history will repeat.

 Tractor content:
I just bought a backblade on Craigslist. Pics and story when I get a round tuit.

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What is tell-tailing in the article is this one piece ...

“The discussion is not about wind or natural gas or coal or nuclear – they all failed,” Krishnamoorti said. “It is an absence of planning and the political will to deliver. In 2011, all the generating CEOs promised in letters to winterize (irrespective of source) – not one company demonstrated the winterization.”
If I lived in Texas, there would be a class-action lawsuit to jump aboard on. 

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