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I spent many years and all my High School in Texas, although by now my Texas accent and my Yanmar are somewhat equally out of date. Both are probably a better fit with mid 20th century political and mechanical ways of thinking. 

BTW, since you asked specifically in fuel costs, the very first farmer I worked for showed me how he used projected prices and futures investing to smooth out his farming expenses. He learned how to do that in Vo Tech class in our local high school. I've done the same ever since. In fact, since the snow is deep here, that is what I am doing today.

So having after invested in fuel (& tractor) futures for 25 years now I have the beginnings of an understanding. You may want to look at
for an overview of projected fuel prices. Their info is reliable.

That site may well answer your fuel cost questions.
 Or (shudder) start you on a lifetime of investing.... :-). But basically I think you will find that while nobody can avoid trends in fuel prices, each person can avoid cost spikes by buying either in bulk or with futures.

Even our local propane service - a typical small business with maybe 6 employees - offers deals on 6 month price "lock-ins" throughout the year. Essentially he is selling futures himself. So we generally buy our next winter's propane in July.

Frankly I would like to see diesel - and all petroleum fuels - double or triple in price. Maybe that would slow our consumption down enough to leave some for future generations to enjoy.
Right now it's so cheap we waste it.    

Of course I also wish that more people would go back to rebuilding their old Yanmars instead of buying new tractors. Those old Yanmars were built to be rebuilt indefinitely. It seems a shame to waste all that good sustainable manufacturing effort that Yanmar (& Deere) put in. 
just my ramblings...

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The topic was " what did you do today" started the non-yanny generated discussion.  Maybe the topic should have been " what have you done today using your yanmar" so it stays within the realm of " yanmar tractor forum"

But this topic will most assuredly impact your yanmar tractor in the long(short) run as the powers that be will use the deep freeze to raise the fuel prices; gas, diesel, natural gas, propane.  I will not be surprised to see $5.00 at the pump within a year.  Imagine what that will do to groceries.  At what price does your tractor become yard art?

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Winston, It sure is. :)  And this is the OT (Off-Topic) discussion thread. 
To bring it sort of back to Yanmar's, All of this dark winter blackout in Texas will come back to us in rising diesel fuel costs   Since the event, our fuel prices jumped 60-cents.  Diesel was about 2.39 and has jumped to $3 at the truck stops on the interstate.  I did find it at Speedway in town for 2.79 as the place hadn't restocked nor jumped yet to follow suit. 

Seeing you are in Texas, how are you holding out?  TX-MX5200 on the is giving counts on damaged places, livestock die-offs, and difficultly getting fuel.  
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