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To see those old Yanmars out an working, it's best to give away the manuals and documentation out for FREE.  The more out there, the more interest people would have for them.  Sears Craftsman did this for decades and built up a huge following.  

When people can look at manuals and parts, seeing the simplicity and the strengths of a Yanmar engine, they will be hooked to locate a machine.  In fact, a recent member here Benny is looking for a YM2210B.  A little on the rare side vs. a nice YM1720 to do basically the same work.  

In the past 3 years alone, people have migrated out of the city life to homesteading life.  What is a perfect match?  Having a Yanmar in the picture! 

For 2 decades Compact Utility Tractors have remained strong and the staple of the local Ag farms.  

On the Russian federations of states, the (farming and tractor) website is bursting with Yanmar owners.  These people are making due with what little they have.  They do see the value with a Yanmar.  One owner has a Yanmar KE3.  Impressive what he has done with the machine and his own made attachments to plant and harvest potatoes. 

Our growing season is nearly upon us.  Seedlings are in growing cups starting about now.  
The Joyful Gardener 8-Part Docuseries
Episode 7: Harvesting & Pruning to Improve Yields

With a Yanmar, gardening is FUN. 
Yanmar Tractor Owners Group.  A valuable source for owners of Yanmar tractors.

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