Re: New member and pimped 2210D

Wally Plumley

I needed a boom lift for my YM1500D. My answer was to add three-point hitch attach pins to the back of an inexpensive automotive engine hoist. The arrangement works well - the engine hoist has a manual hydraulic cylinder to lift the boom in its usual application, and this (combined with the three-point lift travel) allows me to have the extendable boom at a wide range of heights, from touching the ground to almost straight up. The engine hoist is strong enough that the weight limit on the system is set by the three-point lift.


On 3/28/2021 9:11 AM, Bill Pendergrass wrote:
Hi Scotty,
So far, side tipping has not been a problem. Two reasons I think.  First, loads have been centered because I pay attention to rigging.  Second, the 3 point bar at the bottom of the boom nests tightly against the bottom rear corner of the bucket.  That might not be evident in the image. It's pretty stable side to side.

You are right about lifting with the FEL.  Doggone handy.  I initially tried doing the cap with the bucket only.  While successful, it was ugly. Boom helped a lot.

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