Re: New member and pimped 2210D

Ronald Kelner

Greetings Bill:

Welcome to Yanmar Tractor's Owner web site. Since my Dad passed away in 2008 the group of individuals associated with this group have been invaluable in helping me repair and maintain my Yanmar 2210D.

Shortly after my Dad's passing I overheated the 2210D when cutting 36" tall grass on a hot day and it shutdown. My friends with the usual american made tractors (Allis Chalmers, Deere, Ford) informed me my radiator was probably plugged with debris and should also make multiple passes cutting high grass lowering the mower with each pass. Since then after each use I use compress air to clean 2210D radiator and stay on top of all my Farm's fields keeping grass height to 12" or less. And no mechanical problems since then.

Hence, when I saw your 2210D temp gauge I'd ask myself being a computer nerd could I install one on my 2210D?
Can you share the model/make and mfg. of your temp gauge? My understanding is adding one to a Yanmar requires British Tapered threads.
I know one of the three lights to the right of your temp gauge is a temp light, did you replace temp light sensor  with the wire from your new temp gauge? There is no wire for my heat light so no idea where sensor is screwed into the engine. My Hoye 2210D owner's manual does not show any diagrams for it either. Will have to search for it... 
Also, did you use a metal hole saw (Home Depot) on a drill to make the hole in panel for the temp gauge? Looking at the metal it seems awful thick for a hole saw.

Final question and if I am being too nosy just say so.
May ask what you paid for your 2210D and when you purchased it?
I would like to refurbish my 2210D to the standard I see in your photos.
Reasons: My local tractor friends say the overheating episode probably scorched the 2210D pistons and cylinders. Also, 5 years to retirement. Then more time to spend on my 160 acre former 1950s dairy farm. Do not like the loader on my 2210D and would like to replace it with a shorter one like on your 2210D and with joy stick too.

My dad and I purchased our 2210D in April 2005 for $7000 and no mechanical issues other than RPM cable replaced. I consider the $7000 a sunk cost now and no bearing on future decisions. I found a place in Texas that refurbishes Yanmar tractors and they look identical to your tractor when completed. Have been searching for 5 years now for a refurbished 2210D and told they are extremely rare or non existent. Was  thinking trade-in.
Now, thinking is to keep saving every pay check and within the next couple of years (maybe after retirement) haul 2210D to Texas and and have it completely refurbished.
Now how long I live after refurbishment do not know, but with a 2210D and loader (with grapple forks for logs) like you have I would be extremely happy working on my little hobby farm for whatever time I have left on earth. Yes this is a want and Not a need.



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