Re: New member and pimped 2210D

Bill Pendergrass

Wow Ronald,
I have questions for you too!

I'll start with yours first. Temp gage.
Here's the link: Hoye temp gage 
The old light is no longer connected.
The temperature sensor replaces the temperature switch that ran the light.
It looks like Hoye has changed the indicator gage from when I bought but that's unlikely to make any difference.
Yes the sensor thread may be BSPT but under 3/4" there is little practical difference from NPT. I think the Hoye piece is correct anyway.
So.. the hole in the dash. Like you, I inherited my dad's tools. I got a full set of greenlee panel punches.
It could be done with a hole saw. Run it slow and use some oil. It will smoke but that's ok.
Clean the hole edge with a file and sandpaper the best you can.
It's what I used before having the punches.

I had my tractor stop once. Light never went on that I noticed.  Still not sure it was an overheat but it probably was. Got the gage, changed how I use the PTO and all has been good even running the tractor hard. 

Compression test. If you are concerned about cylinders. Get the tools or have it done. Does it start easy? Hard starting is a symptom of poor compression.

Next, price.  Kinda'  hard to tell. We bought around 2010. The price was a lump sum for the tractor, new FEL, 6 foot blade and 6 foot tiller.  Based on what I have seen for individual pricing of those things, I think we paid about the same as you for the tractor itself. Pretty close anyway.

So, I have questions for you.  First, I am amazed that the 2010D handles the bushhog.  I dont need one but I'm impressed. Are you running it in PTO 1st gear?

This leads to the second point. I'm also impressed with the disc harrow.  That looks very much the same as the one I used to pull as a kid on my grandpa's N model Ford.  So.. my current conundrum.  I want a bottom plow and I have not come to grips with whether the 2210D will pull a double like the Ford did. My cousin is pulling a double 16 with a Kubota of similar weight and only a couple of more HP.  I think the 2210D will but there is vague  commentary on the web that it will not.  It's an expensive experiment to find out.  There is a YouTube of a 1500 pulling a single just fine and fast too.

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