Re: New member and pimped 2210D

Bill Pendergrass

I saw that hiller.  My dim memory says the one gramps had for the 8n was integrated with a single row fertilizer/planter.  We did not have a separate hiller but the rows were definitely hilled while growing.  Talked to the SWMBO about the hiller and she's for it.  We would have to expand the garden size in order to put the rows onto or near our tractor wheel pitch.  I've been wanting that for a while so that I could get and use a cultivator early in season. Right now i use a miniature walk behind tiller for cultivating.  Its not as effective as desired.

On that subject, I never remember a weed problem in gramps garden.  He did not use chemical control.  I have a horrible time controlling weeds. I wonder if flipping the soil with a bottom plow is the difference.  I did it for him every spring.  Always had a good tan those days.  We just till now, so much of the weeds and seeds are still on top. 

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