Re: F16D PTO

Kim Ryder

Nice documentation!

On Apr 27, 2021, at 12:45 PM, vince.mont via <vince.mont@...> wrote:

hi all, these are a few photos of the disassembled transfer case for my YANMAR FORTE F16D tractor. Basically, I removed the fenders, to access the nuts, that held down the gear case cover. Then the hydraulic hoses were disconnected. Finally, the flow control valve, located at the front of the gear case cover was removed. As shown in the photos, the PTO drive and associated pinion shaft is now accessible for repair.  <60A0C91F-2D21-49BF-8F74-FC4CDAD067ED.jpeg><0DACA844-8F15-456E-B0D9-8684EE060130.jpeg><48F393DD-707F-4130-834F-E41EC976FDEB.jpeg><C51077A6-2415-4A17-BC74-BAD067E94710.jpeg><9E120F8D-05A8-418C-9568-55F4A1CD3F07.jpeg><7EA0EFBF-5BF0-4379-B5A2-D39DD1099DBF.jpeg><29F750F6-2883-47B3-832E-4CF594BFF8F9.jpeg><757C05FD-07C3-42A3-BA20-53035173B30C.jpeg>

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