Re: F16D PTO

Wally Plumley

On 4/29/2021 10:12 AM, George Mason wrote:
Hi Wally

I think maybe the problem is the syntax you're using - you have to put the minus next to the thing to exclude with no space - at least that works fine here in the UK:

Attached a screenshot of what I get



From: "Wally Plumley" <wplumley@...>
Sent: Thursday, 29 April, 2021 13:17:25
Subject: Re: F16D PTO

Google has eliminated the option to limit your searches. In days gone by, you could add a term preceded by a minus symbol (-) and Google would not show results with that term. That doesn't work any more, as you might have discovered, and that sucks. Luckily, there is an answer.

Try using "Duck-Duck-Go", and searching for f16 - aircraft -fighter and see if the results are any better. In addition, you will be tracked a lot less...



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