Re: F16D PTO



I guess we just have to live with what we are use to using for a search tool.  F16 can sure get mixed results.

As for my model, the YM2610, I get 1/2 of the search results of the Yamaha audio chip uses in music synthesizers. 

Just be glad we don't have MT as the pre-fix.  It's really hard for the Mitsubishi people doing searches. 

Now, back on topic of the F16 PTO.  Looking at how Yanmar made machines and their models codes, I have a hunch that the F160 or a F165 is a later version of the F16 model.  Yanmar started a trend like this in the F-FX Series. It did spill over into the RS Series too as the RS30 became an RS300 later on.  There is just too much "sketchy" info to tie things together in a sound application of understanding all of this.  Wish there was a better cheat sheet we all could glean from.  The YM Series, even for how old it is, still has a few holes not covered.  The F-FX really eludes many of us too.  Those machines are really YM's with updated motors having an "N" in the engine designator, and a newer frame and body.   The RS Series was a new beginnings overall. 

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