Re: YM236, 3T75HA-A motor



Welcome to the community. :) 

You do have a rare YM model.  And I not certain if your YM 3-digit machine was both US/Canada and UK import, or just a UK model import.  

If a UK import only, then it's limited on info all around.  However, don't fret, many of the other models share parts and the 3T75H engines are used in other tractors and excavators, like the Yanmar YB Series. 

As for parts, here in the USA, we have a strong support base.  There is a section on the site here under the WIKI > RESOURCE PAGE.  Scroll thru and look for the parts section.  We do have a few global resources too.  Should you have a good AU parts resource, we would be glad to add them. 

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