locked sticky A little history of our Yanmar Tractor Owners Yahoo Group.



A little history of our Yanmar Tractor Owners Yahoo Group.

Back in 1999 Jay Brown, owner of Affordable Equipment, Inc. in Easley, SC formed our group on Yahoo. He sold gray market Yanmar tractors and other gray market vehicle imports from Asia. When the big names in the Ag industry started to clamp down on these gray market dealers, it seems Affordable Equipment, Inc. and affordableequipment.com website disappeared. Thus, so did Jay Brown from our group.

Doug, our Yahoo Group moderator stayed till the very end of the road at Yahoo Groups. Doug no longer has his Yanmar tractor, but has a nice JD330 with a Yanmar engine. He stayed on because there was no possible way to add another moderator, only the group owner Jay Brown could. For all of us members this was a real commitment to the group over those 2 decades. Doug was our quasi owner by default, with limited functionality. When there were issues with Yahoo, Doug was there to work things out. Thank you Doug for your dedication to the group.

Here we are in 2020, some 21 years later from the startup. We have our Yanmars as we farm, homestead, landscape, or mow, etc. regardless if it's a hobby or career with our Yanmar tractors.

We also age folks. Our Yanmars may not get the use as it once did in the past, but many or most of us have that youngster who is growing up too. Passing on the Yanmar for the next generation is something really special. And should we pass, our messages here would be retain for them to seek out.

There are tractor brands already passed down into the 3rd and 4th generations of families or to the ones close to your heart as they mature. It could even be a neighbor kid too.

Looking at our group and how strong it's become over those years is remarkable. Let's look forward for more years ahead. All is not lost, we have a plan.


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Looking back at our Yanmar Tractor Owners Group, it seems Jay Brown was our second group hop.  The Yahoo archives does show a GeoCities migrated group once called, Yanmar Tractor Owners CLUB.  Not sure about the history details other than it was pre-1999 and selected message threads were reposted with the Yahoo Groups. 
Anyone here recall how all this came together?  It's well before my time and involvement.
Yanmar Tractor Owners Group.  A valuable source for owners of Yanmar tractors.