Minor convenience change to the Thermostart reservoir

Bill Pendergrass

I don't remember the existence of a thermostart reservoir on my tractor when we bought it.
It was a few years before I even paid attention to the feature since the tractor started well even in cold weather.

I think it was after I got manuals from Hoye that I learned about the fuel supply and the rest of the TS system.
I decided to get it working again.  It just took some wiring cleanup and a fuel supply.

Instead of buying or recreating a reservoir, I realized the fuel return from the injectors to the fuel tank would always have fuel in it.
I "tee"ed off that line and connected to the TS inlet. It has worked great for 5 or 6 years this way.

I don't know if all Yanmar deisels have a fuel returns line or not.

Also, sorry is this is old hat and already a common thing to do.