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Hmmm.... this morning I attached a copy of the original sales brochure for the YM165D. Then I just happened to take a look and saw that the resolution is unfortunately too low for them to be legible - although the original files are quite legible.  Did I do something wrong when I simply copied and pasted? I'll try it differently & see what happens. 



Good morning or afternoon.  It's lunch here. :)

Full Sized images and photos can be obtain via our PHOTOS link on the Box Storage.

Why is that?  Well, per the GroupsIO system, our FREE account adds up quickly with large photos for space.
So, images are scaled down to a maximum of 1024 pixels each. 
Second reason is, about 1/3rd of the members would never see the posting because the delivery file size exceeds 10Mb. 
Your email may not have reached that limit and would have worked, but the size storage on GroupsIO has to be held. 

Our solution is to have members with LARGE images to send them to the  Then we can upload them to our BOX Storage location. 

When needing to respond to an email, just reference the BOX Storage location of the photos/images. 

I'll look at the BOX Storage site to see if the previous set you had emailed is smaller or the same size.  Always best to have the better resolution. 

BOX Storage allows people to scroll the storage location or with a BOX Storage ID, one can do direct searches once logged in.  Thus, typing in YM165 will grab EVERYTHING YM165. 
The old Yahoo files were badly named and not at all searchable.  After the migration, the small team came up with naming method to allow the search to work in a clever way. 

Sorry for being so long winded on this topic.  Just want others to know the basic reasoning behind all of this.  We did save the group from going into the dumpster on the Yahoo death march, just living in the GroupsIO realm is slightly different.  Still a vast improvement overall. 

Steve and the Team 



OK, got all of the images that were NOT scaled down from your message originally sent in the BROCHURE section of the BOX Storage on our site. :) 


And if anyone needs a QUICK LINK on their home computer vs. signing in on GroupsIO and then navigating to the links, then SAVE this email.  Here is that section in the RESOURCE PAGE. 

FILES, PHOTOS, DOCUMENTS and RESOURCES can be located at the following link:
(link opens in new browser tab)







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Due to the limited 1Gb of storage space on GroupsIO, the following BOXStorage site offers 10Gb of free storage.