Yanmar 2500 - water in transmission-PTO system


How to use diesel fuel to clean out hydraulic  pto/transmission on a YM2500.

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Several of u had replied to your posting on TBN.  Did you get the info yet?

There are several options to consider by the members there. 

One thing to not do, do not drain the system and leave it air exposed too long.  Water being in that system, drained and now air will lead to internal rusting.  Once the system drains, cap off it off. 

For a regular fluid change, BMaverick's YM2500 is very much like your YM2500.  See the step-by-step info here:

Good to see you here.  Hope you can get the water and white foam out of the hydraulic system. 




Glad you got back to us. :) 

BTW, the FREE manuals for the YM2500 are here on our site.

On the left column, click on WIKI.  Then click on RESOURCE PAGE.  Around the top is the info for the MANUALS. 

There are 2 YM2500 parts manuals. Why?  Because there is a YM2500 and a YM2500R.  And not everyone knows the difference unless you have these manuals! 

Grab the Service Manual called TM1192.  The John Deere 850 is IDENTICAL to your machine, just painted green. 

Your machine has one of the longest histories of Yanmar and John Deere. So many of these to identical models were made.  And the JD850 is a very sought after machine.