Yanmar tractors in action - videos on the web #yanmar


Yanmar Community,

This is the time of year being snowed in and less seat time other than mowing the white stuff around. 

I really like to watch other people with YM, F, FX, AF machines go at it around the farm or in very clever ways for a new usefulness I had never realized.

To start off this thread a very useful YM1510D is showing it's true worth.

Using a single bottom plow

Using a homemade harrow

Using a Potato Harvester.  I've never seen one like this before.

Using a cultivator, like a tiller.  Also demonstrates how the Power Shift works.

How to make your own front weights for a YM machine.  NICE.

Fun in the snow pulling several toboggans and kids

Using skeleton arms to toss cut grass in the air.  Wildest thing I've seen in awhile.


Amazing what you can do with a YANMAR. 

Seems there are CLEVER people in the world who can take the 2-wheel walk-behind Yanmars and make them into a full 4-wheel tractor, including, 3PT and life, reverse and steering! 

Both of these machines have the Yanmars YA, YC, YK or YS type setup pulling 2 and 3 ganged bottom plows!  Impressive.
Indeed, this makes the Yanmar SCUT machines look too huge. 
Yanmar Tractor Owners Group.  A valuable source for owners of Yanmar tractors.


So this is the type of work that the "rice paddy" Yanmars were built for and excelled at!  
Constant work in muck, mire and water.